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6 Helmets Standard Kit

The AQUANAUTAS helmet is a Canadian designed and ensemble in Colombia. It has been engineered for comfort, safety and reliability.
The helmet is ergonomically made to be comfortable and fit the broadest variety of head sizes.
The helmet diving system is constructed of marine quality fiber glass compound.
The transparent view windows are made of high resistant acrylic.
Quick coupling fittings made of stainless steel which facilitate system assembly/ disassembly and storage.
The helmet’s weight is 29 kg or 64 Pounds.

Air System

The system of AQUANAUTAS is very versatile since permits to operate in different conditions.

a. In embarkations through scuba tanks or gasoline compressor.

b. In edge through scuba tanks or either diesel, electric or gasoline compressor.

Air Compressor

Complete Rotary Screw with air dryer.

*Scuba tanks are not included in the kit.


Outlet air pressure.
Hour counter.
Stop push button.
Start push button.
Emergency stop push button.


Through the control console a main hose is connected which takes charge of supplying air to the helmets.

Control Console

It is built in fiberglass and acrylic with marine grade aluminum stand.
Regulates the connectors of air intake that comes from the scuba tanks.


Main hose, 60 ft.
6 secondary hoses, 30 ft.
First stage for the scuba tanks.
Connector male / female anti- entanglement.