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San Andres Island

Underwater Walking Tour
Come and see our spectacular underwater walk is the easiest way to interact with the aquatic world marvel. With a modern, innovative helmet, you can breathe underwater naturally, it is also a very secure system that is used worldwide. Unlike snorkeling or diving with Aquanautas you will not need any special training, even those who can not swim can enjoy this fantastic adventure.

- Hearing Issues
- claustrophobic
- Under 12 years
- Minimum Height 1.40 Meters
- Pregnant Women
- People with cardiovascular and Hypertensive Issues

Photography and Video (Optional)
- For safety reasons it is forbidden the use of cameras or camcorders by practitioners.
- Photography Service includes 20 images and video clip. This material is delivered digitally on a USB flash drive or memory as shown in the following image:

                                                                                           USB Pen drive Aqua-nautas

We are located at K-11, West View, sector Cove.

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Transportation (not included)
Leaving the center (approximate times).
Taxi: 25 Min
Mulitas: 35 Min
Golf Cart: 45 Min
Bus (The Cove): 60 Min

Every day:
9:00 a.m. to 1:00 pm
2:00 to 4:30 pm

Reservations can be made in the sector: Local "Fish Spa" Pedestrian Avenue (DownTown).
You can also make reservations for your favorite agency or directly at the site of Aquanautas.
Cel: 310-453.96.61
(Remember that reservations are made in advance payment)

Tour Aquanautas:
COP $ 90,000
USD $ 50
Photography and Video Clip (Optional)
COP $ 80,000
USD $ 40


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