The Underwater Walk

Enjoy AQUANAUTAS, an underwater walk that through innovative and safe helmets you can breathe naturally for 25 minutes. There you will find the spectacular statue of Poseidon, feed the fish and enjoy the marine fauna and flora of this exclusive place. During this tour you will always be accompanied by an instructor who will guide them and also take photos of the best moments of the activity. Unlike snorkeling or diving with AQUANAUTAS you will not need any special training, even those who cannot swim will be able to enjoy this fantastic adventure.

Información adicional


– Claustrophobia

– Children under 12 years

– Pregnancy

– Minimum height 1.40 meters

– People with Hearing problems or Flu

– People with cardiovascular and hypertension problems

Photography and Video


– For security reasons, the use of cameras or video cameras by practitioners is prohibited.

– The package of photography and video clips can be requested for the service that consists of approximately 20 photos and a video clip, delivered digitally on a USB stick.


Aquanautas is located in the south of the island at Kilometer -11 by the ring road that goes around the island, the sector is called the Cove and the place of the activity is called WEST VIEW, which is a renowned spa for its fish. and corals.

The ways to get to this site are as follows:

Leaving the center (approximate times).

Taxi: 25 min

Fines: 35 min

Golf Cart: 45 Min

Bus (El Cove): 60 Min

Transportation not included)


Attention Hours


9:00 am to 1:00 pm

2:00 to 4:30 pm