Enjoy AQUANAUTAS, an underwater walk that through innovative and safe helmets you can breathe naturally underwater. The tour lasts one hour of which 25 minutes is the immersion time. There you will find the spectacular statue of Poseidon, feed the fish and enjoy the marine fauna and flora of this exclusive place. During this tour you will always be accompanied by an instructor who will guide them and also take photos of the best moments of the activity. Unlike snorkeling or diving with AQUANAUTAS you will not need any special training, even those who cannot swim will be able to enjoy this fantastic adventure.


Reservation commission per person in the activity is 15%

Booking commission per group of 10 people or more is 20%

Pregnant women

Under 12 years old

Heart / hypertensive problems

Ear / Flu / Sinus Problems

Claustrophobia / epilepsy

Alcohol or drugs

The use of cameras or cell phones is not allowed during the activity.

Payment must be made before doing the activity and with the payment receipt you call to reserve the date and time of the tour.

  • Payment can be made by bank transfer.
  • At the Tour Station agency located in the hotel 3 casitas in the center.
  • Directly at Aquanautas in the West View sector where the activity takes place.

 BANCOLOMBIA  Account 34888-360591

Aquanautas S.A.S

Nit 900.366.106-8

Reservations are made with proof of payment where the date and time of the activity are given, on the following phones:

Cel: 3104539661

Cel: 3183935353

The person in charge of the portfolio is Yenny Neira, who makes the authorizations for the activation of the agencies.

Cel: 3184535896

Cel: 3507871431


The cancellation or rescheduling policies are for people who already have reserved the activity and could not carry it out on the scheduled date and time. It is necessary to present medical support.


  • Cancellation before 24 hours                                  100% Refund
  • Same day cancellation up to 3 hours before          50% Refund
  • Same day cancellation less than 3 hours                  0% Refund

Reprogramming subject to availability                  20% Additional

Agencies and receivers who want to establish a commercial alliance and make effective the commission in the sales of the activity requires this documentation.

Agencies Registration Form

Camara de Comercio