The AQUANAUTAS Helmet Diving System is assembled in Colombia with high quality, safe and reliable imported parts from the USA. The AQUANAUTAS Helmet Diving System is ergonomically designed to be comfortable and adapt to different measurements. The AQUANAUTAS Helmet Diving system is composed of high quality fiberglass and resistant to marine conditions. The transparent visor is made of high resistance acrylic. The couplings and accessories are made of stainless steel which facilitate the assembly, disassembly and storage of the system. The weight of the diving helmet is 29 kg or 64 pounds.



The AQUANAUTAS Helmet Diving system is very versatile since it allows operating in different conditions. In boats through diving tanks or gasoline compressor. In docks or from the shore through a compressor either diesel, electric or gasoline. The Air Compressor is the latest generation with a rotary screw system with air dryer and air purification filters.



Controls the on and off of the compressor. Outlet air pressure gauge. hour meter indicator. Emergency stop button. indicator of electrical faults. Maintenance services indicator.



It is constructed of fiberglass and acrylic with a marine grade aluminum base. Regulates and marks the flow of inlet and outlet air coming from the compressor and the diving tanks. Components Pressure regulating wrenches, Pressure gauges, First stage for diving tanks and anti-tangle male / female connectors.



Constructed of fiberglass and anti-tangle connectors, it allows us to distribute the air flow from the main hose to the entire AQUANAUTAS Helmet Diving helmet system. Components main hose, secondary hoses, anti / tangle connectors.

helmet diving aquanautas diseño varios



The SAR system (AUTOMATIC RESERVATION SYSTEM). It consists of that in case the main air system does not work, this system is automatically triggered, always maintaining continuous air.

helmet diving aquanautas sistema reserva de aire
helmet diving aquanautas diseño varios


Most of the parts and accessories that make up the system are manufactured with high quality materials to withstand the conditions of the sea and thus guarantee its correct operation.