Enjoy AQUANAUTAS, an underwater walk that through innovative and safe helmets you can breathe naturally. There you will find the spectacular statue of Poseidon, feed the fish and enjoy the marine fauna and flora of this exclusive place. During this tour you will always be accompanied by an instructor who will guide them and also take photos of the best moments of the activity. Unlike snorkeling or diving with AQUANAUTAS you will not need any special training, even those who cannot swim will be able to enjoy this fantastic adventure.


AQUANAUTAS Helmet Diving


It is a company dedicated to the development of diving helmets with high quality technology and materials, designed for fun and recreation under the sea.


Provide our clients with equipment with the highest standards of quality, safety and technology.

Through the AQUANAUTAS Helmet Diving system, make known and promote in our tourists the protection of the environment and especially marine life.

Develop an attractive, safe and fun activity that encourages tourism.

Create through the AQUANAUTAS Helmet Diving system a profitable business with a quick return on investment.




The AQUANAUTAS Helmet Diving System is assembled in Colombia with high quality, safe and reliable imported parts from the USA. The AQUANAUTAS Helmet Diving System is ergonomically designed to be comfortable and adapt to different measurements. The AQUANAUTAS Helmet Diving system is composed of high quality fiberglass and resistant to marine conditions. The transparent visor is made of high resistance acrylic. The couplings and accessories are made of stainless steel which facilitate the assembly, disassembly and storage of the system. The weight of the diving helmet is 29 kg or 64 pounds.


The Aquanautas system operates in various parts of the world, making the tour of the underwater walk with its different operating modalities.

The Aquanautas system can be found at the following locations:

Colombia (San Andres Islands)

Colombia (Santa Marta)

Dominican Republic (Bayahibe)

Dominican Republic (Punta Cana)

Italy (Giglio Island)

Jamaica (Montego By)

French Polynesia (Tahiti)

Lesser Antilles (Martinique)

Costa Rica (Tortuga Island)